Refer DJs and/or Clubs to us and when they sign up and pay, you will get ONE free month of Service (make sure you ask them to tell us YOU sent them).

A good script to use on your profile page is below (This script was created by me, “Abby”. I’m the sales and marketing manager for Quality DJ Streaming


Hugs! We want to support you in more ways than being a streaming provider.

Yes, we would gladly match or beat what you are paying your current provider. But in addition, we offer other services like a Streamer’s website that your events and stream can be spotlighted, FREE to you!

Check out our Streamer’s Web Site and contact me today to see how I can help you.

for 75 rays we give you

•             192 mbps
•             200 Listeners
•             Auto DJ
•             5 GB storage space
•             Unlimited Bandwidth
•             Unlimited DJs

You can email me back or use this link to order,

As I said, we are willing to match or beat your current provider.  Kindly let me know.


Quality DJ Streaming

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