DJ Big Tex

DJ Big Tex

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DJ BigTex

Is the owner of Club Stallion

Club Stallion is a bigger , better place for all my friends to hang out , and have fun. Some say Stallion including myself was my dream , but just last night I thought about it , and it wasn’t a dream just for me I built, I built this dream for everyone.

Now over 3 1/2 Years later VWWs have come to RLC , and a ton of Country Clubs erupted from all of them , Stallion crowd went from a 40 a night average to 20 on a good night.
I guess the dream for us all is coming to a end , but if it does , and Stallion , and me die , it will be in the club it started in.
So with that said , I’m going home , back to the original Club Stallion , if Stallion dies , I will go with it. All my DJing , including Rock ,  Oldies , & the Country Music you have grown to love will all be in Stallion.
I love you all , and will see you there soon. If you still have the landmark to Club Stallion that’s good , if not , look on your friends list , or search us out. The New Club Stallion will be closed next month, and only Club Stallion Will remain.