DJ Aphrodite


DJ Aphrodite (born Lynn Matthieu) is a Rock, Melodic Trance, Love, dance, pop, blues, you name it music, DJ, she is also a music producer and radio host. She has been djing in RLC and Second Life for many years.

I like to meet AWESOME people. You like good conversations, but can have fun too? Then you are very welcome. I am a woman who loves music, got a wonderful man Carl found in him the love of my life.  Love to sing so am a sinsnap member. Music is my life and am a designer of zabys. Since I am mad about music, I became a DJ. Am proud of all I reached so far in my life. Have won great rewards on my DJ’ing am for all events. Am a poet as well. Yes what can I say, had my share in life and so did my man Carl. He is the love of my life. Smiles am happy now. I Also do many types of Design for RLC and Second Life. Contact me for more details





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