Black Orchide

Black Orchide

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About me:

What could I say about me? I have been in the RLC for a while now, and have had all kind of experiences. There is almost 8 years (wow) behind me since I joined this place. A lot has changed on me during this time. I grew up, I learned. And that wasn’t for free, there is a lot of hurt and effort in the life of the person who writes this lines.

I don’t think RLC is just a game, there is a lot of emotions and feelings, and behind each avatar there is a person, and that means a heart and a soul. I tendo to keep that in mind, and respect that. But also, RLC is not RL… by that, I mean that here we can choose who we are. Hence, my conception of integrity here is based on what I see. I only ask that you keep solid to that. I also am less tolerant with certain ways I of acting here, because here we have an easier choice to be good and do well. Being cruel, being disrespectful, being abusivahere has not the same excuses I could accept as valid in RL. One of the things I like of RL< ; is that it makes us all equal to each other.
My personality is sweet, openminded, a
humor, I can’t help being a bit stubborn,
general I am attentive, tender, loving a
but I have learnt that I have to choose
have expectatives, and if they are not
fy and bratty. I have a good sense of
also explosive when stressed, but in
ring. I am extremely loyal to my friends,
friends well. I have no prejudices, but I
d, I will cut ropes and let go.

I am a D/s Lifestyler, experienced here and RL, with a switch role. I know well some protocols used here, whicch doesn’t mean I follow them. My respect is to be earned as much as my trust and my care, and is not given without conditions. I don’t do sirings, sorry, unless you can show me your credentials, I decide how to direct to someone, depending on actions, not in words.
I am passionate, intense, sensual, with a dark spiced touch. I adore seducing and being seduced, I don’t put up with passive persons, if you have to push, they will lose my interest quite fast. I require some effort, but I really promise it is worth.


After a long time here, I met someone very special, and I can’t but feel lucky and so, so happy, that she allowed me share her time and space, as we walk together here. She has filled my life with her warmth and her amazing sense of humor draws a smile in my lips every time I think of her… I am grateful that someone so clever, so caring, and so generous found 1 ray to buy me, even when time flies so fast around her that I never seem to have enough..

I am here spending the time I can along with that special and dear person, and I am happy to enrole in whatever adventures she has in mind and wants to share with me…
I have met some good friends, and am fond of each one of them. Every one of them has different qualities, but above all, they have something in common: they are good persons, and they are really worth know, and I am honored they call me their friend.
I like intelligent conversations, as much as some good fun with persons who make me laugh… Life is hard enough outside here, and its good I can think of this place as a safe shelter to relax and learn.

I will be happy to make new friends, if they can understand that I am committed fully to my special someone, and that I don’t seek for any kind of alternative romance or for sexual affairs. I am here to dance, to talk, to try help others if I can, and to let others enrich my own life with their thoughts and experiences, no matter if I agree to all, I am not in possession of the truth.
I also own a little Club here, the Exhiled H&rt, which I run along with my beautifulness where we have some relaxed fun with frieras and whoever wishes to join us, every Wednesday in early evenings (european timings).