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…there is never an excuse for harmful speech – and I never again will take such




Happy & proud to belong to the Amazon Sisterhood

On Saturday`s you will find me at the “Dark Saturday” party at Swan`s Club, spinning goth and dark electro tunes. I love emotions in motion,- in other words, I am a nymphomaniac. I


am writing it this way because I do know me and my addiction and do not play games, but I am not looking for any form of sexual contact. I just sometimes take the opportunity.

Same to polyamory, – but I am not looking for further relationships.. There is nothing I can offer.

Married, Dec. 01-2019 in here, to my love from the rl. She is the best that could happen to me, my sweet precious sweetheart, my dear Lady_Bastet.
Being unable to face my real life in a proper way mixed up with best motivations let me choose a path that shattered all. – Also in the way she left me, I found a guide to clean up my life. She made me think and face things. After that, I am happy that the closest person near to me beneath her in rl forgave my wrong turns. RL working now together in differend ways of art & projects, like photoshootings and music in a close, trusted friendship. So in rl you can call me a single.

– Whatsoever arises she will be forever in my heart. I accept nobody criticizing how she handles me or take any comments in anything regarding her. I am fully responsible for the things I did. As her mirror, I am a Phoenix too. Burned to ashes I will grow much stronger, clearer, wiser than before. Pain gets music and loss becomes caring and love and closeness. – Between my real-life-projects I found within my sisterhood the warms, love and care my heart needs not to scrumble to dust…

Also without a relationship: All partners are individual beings with emotions and souls as behind every Avatar is a sentient being. A respectful and empathetic approach and exchange are therefore desirable and necessary.

I stand to my sexuality to be a Nymphomaniac like you stand to be straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or whatsoever.



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