We are back!

todayNovember 26, 2022 15

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We are back!

It’s been a while since we had a blog.
so many reasons why I could write.
For a part Carl and I had a hard time and a very difficult time.
The love of my life had 2 times covid and later on also omicron.
I was to busy with thinking of my man, and more so worried,
that I was not able to write at that time.
He lost his lung function for a whole lot.
Carl could not recover anymore to the level he always was.
Finaly he started to heal, it took again a whole lot of time,
but he went not back to who he was before covid, he did not got
back the energy he had before the covid.

Finally it looks he got better, but he would not ever return to
the man he always was. He still has not to much energy and it never
will be as it was before.
It was hard for me to see my man suffering so much.

Than we thought it was getting better.
I got very sick.
I did almost died, but am a fighter and got back.
Glad I had no covid but a serious lung issue, due
I had for 3 weeks diarea and they did refused to take me to the hospital.
there was a very dangerous issue I was slowly sliding away and got mental
sick, did not know anymore what I was saying and was getting wors.
Than they called the ambulance again and it was became to very dangerous.
I did not know what all was going on, but it was very bad.
I had to stay on the ICU all the time, but after all I did heal again.
So Carl and I are back.

The next week I will write my blogs again about music of course.
But I wanted to share our story.

Loves from Aphrodite and Carl


Written by: Lynn Matthieu

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