Blood Angel

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Blood Angel

A band to remember, no matter what you don’t, once you’ve heard of them.
It’s a German band and actually known in the dark scene.

This German-speaking band, with partly male, and partly female vocals, is combined with a lot of electronic sounds.
The music style is somewhere in between EBM and Darkwave, but there are also Techno and Eurodance influences audible. Usually, Blutengel’s music is put in the Futurepop box.

The female parts are performed by Kati Roloff and Nina Bendigkeit. In 1999 they officially released Blutengel’s debut album, Child of Glass. Thematically and in terms of style, this record was still very much in line with the work previously produced under Seelenkrank. The strongly sexually inspired lyrics are typical. Although the first performance was very successful, it became very quiet around the project after that.

Only two years later the second album entitled Seelenschmerz (translated: soul pain) was released. Seelenschmerz can be seen as a thematic turning point for the group, which would continue in the following albums. The sexual theme fades somewhat into the background and gave typically romantic subjects more breathing room.

Meanwhile, the line-up in the band has also changed because Nina Bendigkeit had a solo career in the past 2 years. As a result, in addition to singer Kati Roloff, Gini Martin has also joined. Songs such as Children of the Night, Soul of Ice, but also the song Der Spiegel or I’m Dying Alone made the album Seelenschmerz so successful that it just missed the German Top 100.
At the end of 2001, and the beginning of 2002 the band had a hard time when Gini and Kati left the band and started the project Tristesse de la Lune together. Chris then found Eva Poelzig as the second voice, together with Constance, who had been a member of the band since mid-2001 and was the first to be heard on the CD Black Roses. The subsequent album Angel Dust managed to reach 58th place in the German Top 100.

After this, it went at a fast pace with Blutengel. Many performances followed one after the other and the band became more and more popular, especially among the younger lovers of gothic music. The albums Angel Dust (2002), Demon Kiss (2004), and the mini-album The Oxidising Angel (2005) increasingly showed vampiristic themes, in addition to the already present dark themes ranging from forbidden sexual desire to deep depression.

Chris Pohl also gradually refined Blutengel’s looks around 2003. For stage appearances, the previously usual latex outfits were exchanged for more classically inspired gothic clothing. Chris Pohl would now appear live with Blutengel in a black, three-piece suit. This, however, while retaining his piercings and gothic make-up and hairstyles. The fetish clothing for the two ladies also disappeared in favor of gothic-like evening wear. This change of clothing style in live performances and promotional photography is probably part of accentuating the classical vampire theme in the music.

The 2007 album Labyrinth, in his own words, gave a deeper look at Chris Pohl’s personal life. Schwarzes Eis appeared in early 2009.

On August 12, 2010, it appeared on the website that Constance Rudert was leaving Blutengel. Chris Pohl is currently mainly focused on his two other projects: Terminal Choice and Miss Construction.

I have to admit that I am very charmed by the vocals of this band, but also by the music as a band and the great variety in song styles, it caresses my ears and puts a smile around my mouth.
Many of the texts mostly relate to our contemporary life, but also the future as it appears to be unfolding now. In a word, a great band.
Top music and worth listening to.

(By the way, the band not only sings in German but also English speaking)

One of the most beautiful songs is:
Resurrection of the Light (Black Summer Version by Rabia Sorda)


Aphrodite (Lynn)

Also recommended is:

Blutengel – The Victory Of Light (Official Music Video)

Written by: Lynn Matthieu

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