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We Are Still Here and Growing!

Three Streaming Platforms! check WHMsonic Platform check Centova Platform check Medua CP Platform Three platform and each have simular features, yet some different ones as well. If you are new to internet streaming or just want a basic stream, I recommend WHMsonic. If you want more advanced features, like scheduling playlists, I would go with Centova or Media CP. If you want automatic recordings of your live stream, Media CP […]

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Get Behind Our Services and Products

πŸ‘€ DJ With πŸ’― (100)% Confidence And SAVE Too! LOOK πŸ‘€ Inside! DJ with confidence! Quality DJ Streaming techs are here for You! βœ…πŸ”₯πŸ‘€ 🎡 🎸🎀 Our servers have 99& uptime! πŸ‘€ 🎡 🎸🎀 πŸ‘€ πŸ”₯βœ… DJ With Confidence SAVE! Check the competition! 192 KBPS, w/200 Listeners, 5 GB storage – them: 175 RAYS – With us, pay only 75 RAYS! Other plans starting as low as 50 rays. Check […]

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A Big Thank You!

Many thanks for the prayers God is Good. I had some blockage but not enough to put a Stent. Just got home my right arm is very sore. Dr said to treat it like a broken arm, I said umm never had a broken arm lol. But I am glad everything turned out OK. Again thank you all and love you xoxo SkyeRocket_LGBTS   http://qualitydjstreaming.com:3057/;stream.mp3

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Blood Angel

Blood Angel A band to remember, no matter what you don't, once you've heard of them. It's a German band and actually known in the dark scene. This German-speaking band, with partly male, and partly female vocals, is combined with a lot of electronic sounds. The music style is somewhere in between EBM and Darkwave, but there are also Techno and Eurodance influences audible. Usually, Blutengel's music is put in […]

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Songs about love and dancing.

Songs about love and dancing. Nothing has ever been more sung about than love. It can even be traced back to the Middle Ages. Gentlemen sang songs to their beloved even in front of their balconies. There are also so many styles to consider here. Also, the love songs were sung when couples in love went dancing. You had parks where lovers would gather, to celebrate their love they often […]

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Quality DJ Streamer’s Bulletin Services

Quality DJ Streamer's Bulletin Services I used to run this myself but now have joined Quality DJ Streaming as their Marketing Director and have moved my services to them. What use to be Aspire Promotions is now Quality DJ Streaming Promotions. Hosting, Greeters, and Bulletin Services. I have over 20 thousand on her friend's list. RLC Profile With our new Streamer’s Website up, I can create some amazing bullies for […]

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