Music is Love

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Music is Love

Back with the first blog again in the new year, I hope your year is the best ever. Today I want to talk about, you guessed it, music but about a forgotten other style. As everyone knows there are many styles of music. We have blues, jazz, trance, love, rock, love and so much more. This week I want to highlight a different style. Many turn their noses up at opera and operetta, and perhaps Gregorian music. One tends to think of the latter style of church music. Yet this is a style that many know to appreciate. Especially because this music can tell you a beautiful story, yet has changed enormously and has found its way back to a large audience. Even to people in clubs and radio, music halls, online and you name it. In our present time old and young listen to this style.

Gregorian chant is the music peculiar to the Roman liturgy in the Catholic Church. The term Gregorian chant (carmen gregorium) has been used since the 9th century to denote church music that is an integral part of the church liturgy. Gregorian music is mainly characterized by a chant with unison (without accompaniment), being as a rule-bound to diatonicism and the modality of the church keys, and by a free rhythm.

Initially, the vocals were often sung in Greek and without music. Especially in the ancient liturgy. By now people will know that only the vocals are very outdated. Nowadays they have added music and they no longer sing only in churches. Furthermore, the music has been considerably modernized and they also sing songs in today’s time. Many know to appreciate the Gregorian Choir of today and there are even many songs that are sung together with artists of today. This just goes to show that music is timeless in its own right. Partly due to the techniques that have arisen when it comes to music or singing in this time. It certainly surprised me how beautifully this music (often still underappreciated) fits in today’s times.

As a DJ I have tested this style in my work. Amazing how one can appreciate this sound. I’d say check it out.
In particular, Sarah & Amelia Brightman, highly renowned Singers, make use of that wonderfully exceptional Chorus.
Check out the next song.
Sarah & Amelia Brightman
Moment of Peace

Until the next week.

Written by: Lynn Matthieu

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